Yes, You Can Write A
Middle Grade Novel
In One Month!


My name is Nancy I. Sanders. I've written over 100 published books for kids, and I want to help you become a published children's book author, too.

Learning how to write a Middle Grade (MG) novel is a big step on your way to success as a writer!

    • It's one of the easiest ways to experience breakthrough and get a book published in the children's market.

    • If you write for children, the strategies you'll learn will help you write better Picture Books and Young    Adult novels, too.

    • If you write for adults, the strategies you learn will help you write better novels for the adult market. AND   you can practice these skills here in a short project, which you'll actually complete in just one month.

In this 4-session Writer’s Workshop:

    • You will start a BRAND NEW Middle Grade novel.


Experiencing success as a writer doesn't mean getting your one dream book published.

It means learning how to write book after book after book.

Starting a brand new MG novel for this workshop will get you off to a brand new start based on award-winning strategies I will teach you. Then, after the workshop is over, you can go back and use the skills you learned to fix and complete a MG novel you already started.

    • You will study plot, chapter-by-chapter, of two Newbery-winning MG novels.

    • I will teach you how to plan your story's main plot along with 4 subplots for your own MG novel.

    • I will show you how to develop your cast of kid-appealing characters.

    • I will provide44 you with charts and handouts you will actually fill out during the workshop to help guide   you through the process from beginning to end (there are over 25 handouts included when you register for   this workshop).

YOUR Commitment

    • Read two Middle Grade novels I assign to use as references during the workshop (both Newbery winners)

    • Write one chapter each day, 5 days a week, during the 4 sessions of the workshop for a total of 20   chapters. (A chapter in many MG novels is just 3-4 typed pages. You can do this!!!!)

Recommended Supplies

Have these supplies handy as you listen to each session to get the most benefit from these workshops:

    • Your own personal copy you can write in of The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleishman and
       Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi.

    • Spiral notebook

    • Expandable pocket folder with empty file folders

    • Zipper pencil pouch holding 6 highlighters of various colors (suggested: blue, pink, purple, green, yellow,   and orange)

    • 6 pens of various colors (suggested: blue, pink, purple, red, light green, dark green or black)

    • White-out, sticky note pad, paper clips, binder clips

The Workshop Sessions

Here’s What Will Be Presented and What You’ll Need to Do for Each of the 4 Sessions

Session 1: Act 1–The Set-Up

    • Establish setting

    • Choose your Main Character, 1-2 Supporting Characters, and 1-2 Bad Guys

    • Brainstorm ideas for your main story plot/problem

    • Introduce the 3-Act Structure

    • Identify Subplots

    • Brainstorm key elements of a winning first chapter

    • Plot Chapters 1-5 of your story

    • After this session: Write Chapters 1-5, a total of about 15 pages

Session 2: Act 2–First Half

    • Develop the conflicting middle

    • Identify the turning point of your story

    • Scene versus Narrative: Show, don't tell

    • Flesh out your characters

    • Choose memorable names

    • Develop character tags for your Main Character

    • Plot Chapters 6-10 of your story

    • After this session: Write Chapters 6-10, a total of about 15 pages

Session 3: Act 2–Second Half

    • Write the turning point of your story

    • Increase the stakes

    • Confirm setting details

    • Format first and second page correctly

    • Determine page count

    • Check for cliffhangers

    • Plug in metaphors and sensory details

    • Develop character tags for Supporting Characters

    • Track your Background Characters

    • Plot Chapters 11-15 of your story

    • After this session: Write Chapters 11-15, a total of about 15 pages

Session 4: Act 3–The Conclusion

    • Chart the main story plot for your novel

    • Make your Main Character change in a significant and meaningful way

    • Make subplots surface to influence main plot

    • Wrap up the conflict in a satisfying way

    • Plot Chapters 16-20 of your story

    • Make To-Do List for finishing novel

    • Tie up loose ends

    • Discuss self-editing process to make your novel shine

    • What to do next? How, when, and why to start your next MG novel

    • After this session: Write Chapters 16-20, a total of about 15 pages, to finish your novel.

This 4-session Writer’s Workshop includes almost 4 hours of audio instruction and over 25 handouts!

You get the complete audios and all the handouts for just $49.97!

Register here now for immediate and unlimited access to the complete course.

You'll use these materials over and over again to write novel after novel.

To your success,